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I was born into a Jewish family

One of my cousins lives in Israel. Two other cousins lived there in their teens, on a kibbutz. At least five others (that I can think of) have visited there, more than once.

And I'm thoroughly offended that you would make a direct equivalency between "Jewish" on the one hand, and "Zionist Israeli Government" on the other.

The two are not the same.

What's next ..

If I'm of German descent .. am I now a Nazi?

If I'm opposed to and abhor the Nazi's -- am I anti-Germanic?

Italian .. Mafia? Say I hate Mafia. Now I hate all Italians?


Snap out of it. Nobody is buying it.

Stop insulting people with your false equivalencies.

And (before you respond with some complex rationalization why these analogies don't hold up ) I'm calling you out before you say it:

Bullshit. They're *exactly* the same.