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I agree

as any investor will tell you, Its a bad Idea to store all your eggs in one basket. I dont see a problem with diversity really. Many folks here believe when SHTF bitcoins wont have value because of Martial Law and Internet Censorship to take place preventing any transactions from wallet to wallet. Pure Speculation? probably, which is where precious metals comes in.

still a downside to precious metals is that its physical, so if it gets taken away or stolen well then thats that, no more silver or gold.

AS far as I know Bitcoin has a huge reputation for illegal goods purchased on the cyber black market, namely silk road. This doesnt help Bitcoin's name. despite its reputation, it is hedged by the devaluation of fiat currency and being that it can be denominated to any value. dividing a silver dollar in small pieces isnt very easy. I do see it as a fair investment.

a downside to Bitcoin isnt the software that hosts the digital currency but rather the poor technology that runs the software. A personal expirence of mine was my NTFS driver in my Windows OS was missing due to dropping my laptop on the floor. Well this was no easy fix, i had to partition my hard drive all over again and install Windows from scratch. This erased my wallet (along with everything else) and Bitcoins that i had purchased. so that really sucked. Now I am well prepared and store my wallet on a external hard drive so that bullshit doesnt happen again.

If one is inclined to purchase Bitcoins, I would HIGHLY Recommend you please do the same.

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