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Comment: Somlia is a prime example of big government gone wrong ...

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Somlia is a prime example of big government gone wrong ...

... not small government or no government.

The key points of Somalia:

- Somalia is not a no government zone where people came to a philosophical conclusion that private parties do better than government. Rather, it is simply a failed government.

- The former Somali dictator was stealing about 90% of all the government revenues (some of which came from American taxpayers).

- The Somali government fell, and no other government replaced it.

- Since that time, the people of Somalia have done better by most measures than the people of the surrounding countries.

- Also since that time, the US government and other assorted terrorist states have been funneling money and weapons into Somalia to support one gang against another. It is a proxy war by governments, not a "libertarian state" in any sense.

- These various groups have been trying to RE-ESTABLISH an all-powerful government, not a limited government (of course, THEY want to be the ones in control of that big government).

- The Somali pirates started out as fishermen who were defending their territory. European governments, with their socialized medicine, started dumping toxic medical waste off the shore of Somalia because there was no government. Somali fishermen took to putting guns on their boats to drive away those who were dumping toxic waste. Eventually, some of those turned into pirates who raided boats for ransom. It was the European governments who set those wheels in motion.

- Above all, remember with all the government-backed warlords fighting to re-establish a government, the people themselves have done better than their neighbors during this time of no central government.

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