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Yes, shark.

Yes, shark.

Plus, I would **KINDLY** point out that Alex was ALREADY denouncing the statist CROOKS as early as in the late 1980s or early 90s ...

He was ALREADY in Texas streets interviewing people being stolen or oppressed by city BUREAUCRATS and other rent seeking CRONIES.

Hello. This is on record. Video records.

Alex wasn't "born" in the 2000s.

Is he too much into some "conspiracies" ?

I don't give a CRAP, I skip when it's too far fetched.

But, hey. Breaking news !

It is A UNIVERSAL conspiracy since Jekyll Island, 1910, mind you, my friends.

What we have today in legions of infamies are just the pleasant ANECDOTICAL CONSEQUENCES.

Stay safe.

Just bear, stack on... and hell, yeah, let us keep our LOUD MOUTHS opened against the True Monsters.

Because they keep breeding, them BAST*RDS.

Damn it.


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