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I didn't believe they "could do that" either

Until I noticed that the government is killing thousands of innocent civilians (including fetuses) in the name of "protection". I fear government incursion into social issues to force morals on others. The rules work for most people (why many are asleep to the whims of the current government, and current social situations). It’s the ones that are on the fringe of the rules that need the most protection.
I will always be an advocate for life, but I will always stand for the rights of existing humans over "potential humans", the "when" debate notwithstanding.

I don't suppose that rounding up pregnant woman will be on a priority list, but, I absolutely see that government always tries to grow power. Give the government a power of life and death? That scares me more than losing a potential Einstein.

To be able to decide life implies the ability to decide death. Until a baby is able to live outside the womb, a mother has this power over her baby.
This power should be in the hands of government? It’s exactly the fringe cases where the cost of a law is seen. Why aren't the fringers due some protection? If it only affects 49%, is it negligible? 5%? 1%? If only one woman dies from an unwanted pregnancy, or is forced to have a rapist’s baby, is that acceptable?

The world I lived in doesn’t allow me to draw a hard line in this, and I would err on the side of freedom. Education and social support is the only way (IMO) to fix this issue.

Instead of laws limiting choices, why not laws that provide options?

And, I do recognize that abortion is abhorrent, and out of control in this country, but I stand my fear in the government, and belief in social answers. A couple years ago (when I was sleepin’), I may have felt differently.

Just open the box and see