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And for those of us

Who do not worship "God" I believe you must fine your niche, whatever that may be. Personally I get satisfaction from helping people whenever I can, a sort of "pay it forward thing" if you will. I work hard and treat people the way I want to be treated. And to ease suffering to the best of my ability. Something else I started doing years ago was volunteering at the local animal shelter (I'm a hippie when it comes to animals) And I temporarily adopt animals when the shelter becomes too full and help find good homes for older shelter dogs/cats. It becomes difficult because I grow so attached to them it becomes hard to let them go, but it is very rewarding. And you can't forget, have fun! experience all that you can, travel when you can- see the world, meet new people have new adventures and don't be afraid to ask that pretty girl out or simply for a bite to eat. You'll miss 100% of the balls you do not swing at. Make people feel good about themselves if they are down. In a nutshell be a good person, take care of people and have fun.

"I am Troll fighter, number one"