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Yes, Big Government and Abortion go hand in glove

If you read the book, Creature from Jekyll Island, you realize that the CRF (Council on Foreign Relations, the hidden government of the United States) and its cronies, are trying to break the wealth of America and decrease the world population to a "sustainable" level, so abortion literally plays into their plans very nicely, NOT the right to life. Government, like pro-abortion minded people, love to decide who lives and who dies. (Believe me from counseling stories on the other side of this, people who made the decision to kill their early children and to bear their later children NEVER get over the guilt. NEVER. Plus, there's a scientific increase in breast cancer in women who've aborted. I think women have the right to know about the cancer and the depression BEFORE they commit an abortion.) Governments have been partaking in genocide for some time, or there'd be a lot more people on this earth.

So if we're truly for freedom, we will fight for that right to live for each and every one of us. We don't know how many incredible people that would have had solutions to so many of the world's problems, were never allowed to live. (Just think, we may have had dozens of Statesmen like Ron Paul among those millions.) And thus, we've never experienced the blessings.