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Comment: What the Naysayers are missing

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What the Naysayers are missing

All those who denounce a third-party approach and insist that working within the GOP is the only way to bring about reform have a serious flaw in their reasoning.

As I point out in the article, the progressive rate income tax system is what corrupts all new "reform Republicans" after they come to Washington. This is because the progressive rate system creates "infinite demand" for government services. All Congressmen (new and old) very quickly realize this. Thus all new "reform Republicans" eventually cross over the aisle to vote with the Democrats because they know if they don't, they will not be re-elected.

The only way to end this corruption is to end the progressive rate tax system so as to end "infinite demand" for government spending, which will end the necessity to cross over the aisle. But no "reform Republicans" are ever willing to vote to truly end progressive rates because they know they won't win re-election if they do. Thus they resign themselves to joining with the Democrats to increase spending every year. This has been going on for 50 years. All reformers get bought off by the system.

The only solution is to put a third-party candidate into the national TV presidential debates who understands this dilemma and is capable of explaining it to the 70 million voters who tune into the debates. He must be a candidate who doesn't care if he wins the White House. He wishes only to tell the truth to the people and sell them on the idea of eliminating the source of relentless government growth, which means eliminating progressive tax rates and eventually the income tax itself. This is why an Independent third-party candidate is so crucial to genuine reform of the system. He is the only kind of politician who will be willing to explain the truth to the voters.

This is why it does no good to work "within the GOP" to try and reform it. We must end the progressive rate system FIRST before we try and reform the GOP with new liberty minded congressmen. But ending the progressive tax system can only be done by an articulate Independent candidate who doesn't care if he loses the election. By getting into the national TV election debates, he can sell the voters on why they must truly abolish progressivity of rates and eventually the income tax itself. He can tell the truth to the American people, which no Republican can do.

We at Americans for a Free Republic (AFR) have written a book about how to do this in 2016. It is titled Breaking the Demopublican Monopoly.

Nelson Hultberg
Americans for a Free Republic
Dallas, Texas