Comment: How do I define myself?

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How do I define myself?

I am half ITALIAN AMERICAN,HALF LAKOTA,three generations on my fathers side,in America countless on my mothers side.I am a father,a grandfather,a husband and a friend to all I love and care about.Two times I have served in combat for my country.Though I can barely believe it's the Country of my birth anymore.I believe we are more than flesh and blood.We are more than just specks on the fringe,of all bigger and grander than us.We are as big as the universe in spirit,and our spirits cannot be sized like shoes.I love America, I hate the tyrannical GOVERNMENT, we have let it become.I am a OATH KEEPER and very proud of it so is my son and son in law.I am one of the few who is awake,aware,and a student of the Constitution,a patriot in right there of.I pray daily to the GREAT SPIRITS ( GOD) to let a peaceful healing and transition back to liberty and true freedom,spare us the bloodshed I have seen First hand this NWO can cause. How do I define myself...One among many.