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No. No one is forcing me to drive.

No one is forcing me to do anything. No one is forcing me to work, no one is forcing me eat.

The government is restricting the market and thereby inhibiting my ability to accomplish what I may want to accomplish. Can productivity still occur? Hypothetically, yes. There is always a way to prosper in some form, even under the most tyrannical regimes, but that's not the point.

If I work the governemnt takes a good portion of my labor in income tax. If I ask permission to drive, the governemnt can prohibit me from doing this because of an arbitrary composition of my blood, or because I drove my vehicle at a speed over an arbitrary limit that most people violate, making all of us potential criminals, while harming no one.

Forced labor is not the only type oppression. Hindering labor is too.

These laws are not just or even, in my opinion, sensible.