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He makes valid points about

He makes valid points about how the lure of winning can tempt men to fold-up. He's also correct in pointing out the "purity" of Rand's attacks on the system from years ago to the adaption of new (to Rand) phrases like "saving social security" and "closing loopholes." But I can't tell that any of Rand's views have changed. His language and approach have changed in an effort to gain respect, more so from his constituents and conservative media than his colleagues I believe because he hasn't pulled punches on repubs breaking oaths and smashing liberties nor dems that want to regulate everything.

When he explains his detailed plans, they almost always are either copies of Ron's plans or pure steps in that direction. Example: closed loopholes - he gave an excellent economic explanation the other day of why closed loopholes is bad and he wont support them if it doesnt result in overall lower taxes. He'll use loopholes as leverage IF it's couple with lower rates because loopholes is what other people want to see changed, not bc he thinks they're important.

Saving SS: his plan is to let the young opt out, raise retirement age, cut other spending in order to meet immediate promises to those dependent on it - same as his dad's plan basically.

TSA: has submitted a bill to abolish the TSA. But he's also submitted the "traveler's bill of rights "But thing bc he recognizes his first bill doesnt stand a chance but he wants to do something positive that includes him in the national debate.

Now it makes me very uneasy when he gets to talkin all partisan, politician like but so far I still like the guy and hope he makes positive difference. But nobody put your trust in man nonetheless.

"You must be frank with the world; frankness is the child of honesty and courage...Never do anything wrong to make a friend or keep one...Above all do not appear to others what you are not" - Robert E. Lee, CSA