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You haven't really answered my question...

I recognize land ownership too, but in what way is the important part. In the US there does seem to be common law property rights based on the homestead principle and there was even the Homestead Act of 1862. However I argue our current land ownership rights system run by the state (ie. counties/state/Fed) is contradictory to these homestead principles, common law, and free market principles so I'm curious to know your thought about what you think gives any person the right to claim any land.

BTW the other thread 'This Is Why They Don't Allow Citizens To Own Guns in China' shows people in China really defending their homestead rights in their 'nail' homes.

I'm impressed by the Chinese people's fierce defense of their homestead rights. In the video some self-immolate themselves, defend themselves with make-shift cannons, and physically fight the state and private developers& contractors. In China you lease the land for 30-70 years I believe so there are land rights there.

Another question is do you really own land property in the US if you have to pay county taxes to fund education? Is that fair? Most people are comfortable with the idea that we should have no income taxes and consider taxes stealing. What about property taxes? Isn't that stealing too? Who gave the local government that right to your home if you don't want to fund education? Is it the local government's right to lay claim on your homestead in the first place?

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