Comment: Holy crap.

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Holy crap.

I totally gave up trying to read the one million flame war comments below.

Here's one maybe we can all get behind:

I plan on getting crazy rich, then setting up my own NON abortion family planning clinic thing. I'll basically compete w/ Planned Parenthood, only I won't accept tax money. My charity will be totally privately funded (initially just by me), and my primary goal will be to help or completely pay for any/all safe sterilization methods that any man or woman wants to VOLUNTARILY have. So, for example, I'll be passing out Mirena IUDs to any adult woman that wants them and giving any willing adult males vasectomies all day long. And while I'm at it I'll offer condoms, clean needles, and STD prevention/vaccination/screening/treatment too. Why not. :)

Maybe, just maybe, we could all make that wonderful world happen.

Here's hoping. :)