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No one is saying you should sell your gold and silver and hold only Bitcoin, I DON'T EITHER. Hell even the lead developer will tell you Bitcoin is an experiment and to not put any more money into it than you're willing to lose.

But at least be rational about it, allow those of us who have the technological know-how to teach you why even though we are smart libertarians-anarchocapitalist Austrian economists owning gold and silver, why we still trust it and use it.

And then, just give it a chance.. Need to buy a book online, don't use your credit card, buy some bitcoins and spend them here: Need to buy a new computer, or computer hardware, don't use your credit card, buy bitcoins and spend them here: Need to buy some precious metals, buy some bitcoins and spend them here: Need to send your friend some money, don't use paypal, buy some bitcoins and send those! Start taking advantage of the inherent user defined privacy that Bitcoin offers when paying for event tickets - libertopia sold tickets for bitcoins.. and stop supporting the tumor that is the central banking system.

You don't need to own a significant amount of bitcoins for doing all of this, you don't need to even own any, an account on an exchange and some money in it is enough to allow you to quickly buy some when you need to make a payment.

But please, stop with the almost cultish attacks against something that you simply must admit at least has the potential to do a lot of good for you. Give it a try, then make up your mind.