Comment: I was angry at first.

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I was angry at first.

Reading all of the negative posts about Bitcoin I got angry at first. But then I realized I was actually getting angry at myself.

You see I first heard about Bitcoin nearly a year ago and dismissed it. I said all the same things that people that are here are saying.

Well of course I missed out on 600% gains like everyone else who dismissed it. That will teach me to be a know it all.

Just recently I have been researching it thoroughly. I thought I should know a little bit about it before I dismiss it.

Well I was floored. I recognize its a new idea, and new ideas are usually dismissed before they are accepted.

Having immersed myself thoroughly in Bitcoin for a few months. I am excited out of my brain as to what it can do for the R3volution.

Just like the internet solved the problem of a controlled media, so to will Bitcoin solve the problem of fractional reserve banking, fiat currency, and inflation.

I strongly urge people take a look at it. It is the future of the r3volution.

It is a disruptive technology and only the open minded will be willing to take a look. I bet it is the same people who were "late" the liberty will be the same people who are "late" to Bitcoin.
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