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No one is talking about putting 50 million women in jail. As far as I know they did not break the law.

What is being talked about is bringing the courts into line with science. The original argument by the supreme court in a split ruling was that they could not determine when life began and that science would have to do that. Science has now determined that life begins at conception.

Do you suggest another 50 million slaughtered human lives on American soil without trial or representation because that is exactly what has taken place in the last 40 years. There is no reason to have the floodgates of innocent murder open. Men and women have functioning brains and can use them to be responsible for their actions. People are flying to China and Russia and other places around the world to adopt children while we are throwing babies in buckets to die because someone has determined that the ocnvenience of their life is more important than another life.

Just because you and I made it safely out of our mother's womb does not give us the right to pronounce a death sentence upon the preborn because of convenience.

No one is saying that all abortion will be stopped. People will do what people will do, but that does not mean that we cannot own up to the fact that what is being done is murder and give the pendulum a chance to perhaps swing back back to the middle.