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wont restrain a majority who does not want to follow.

It is ideas that important. You cannot chain people with "fair" and "just" laws if people do not want to follow. L. von Mises stressed that many times in his early works.

Religious right was instrumental in procreating the poor in order for themselves to be self-employed in charity as a path to Utopia in the sky. The poor masses, on average, will harbor envy, jealousy, resentment and will gravitate to a collective. There will be no gratitude from them to taxpayers or to those who commit sacrifice. Intellectuals also prefer big government because they, on average, cannot sell product of their labor to masses.

We have little chance to advance our ideology. If you are honest, you will see that only bad economy helps us, nothing else. That is the weakness of Rothbardian/RP Libertarian ideas few can admit. The only solution is restoration of rational thinking - applying Ayn Rand teachings.