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Comment: Acutally you're completely wrong.

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Acutally you're completely wrong.

On the field with the two bulldozers, I think you are referring to a couple of clown cars which may or may not be present called the Constitution Party and Libertarian party.

One of the two bulldozers promptly bulldoze them each and every time they appear on the field.

Sometimes (particularly the LP) the clown car runs over itself. Have you ever actually been to an LP meeting? I have. You couldn't get them to move in a concerted direction if their LIVES depended on it. I loved everything they said, but it was the SINGLE LARGEST WASTE OF TIME IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. Utterly worthless. Why not just shovel hours of your life into the furnace. They will never, EVER ever get anything done ever other than debate each other.

Having control of a clown car vs. a bulldozer? LOL.