Comment: Want to drive a Zionist bat

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Want to drive a Zionist bat

Want to drive a Zionist bat shi_ crazy angry? Call Israel an apartheid state! Of course it is true, but you will be accused of the "new anti-Semitism." They consider it a concerted effort to "deligitimize" Israel, as if the latter's actions don't do that already!

We must be prepared to turn the tables and accuse these people of racism toward Arabs. I suspect that many Jewish Zionists are consciously or unconsciously Jewish supremacists. Of course many of Israel's biggest critics are Jewish. However, those that are not critics have been so brainwashed to think that their tribe is STILL the most oppressed people on the planet, that they are simply unable to see how Zionism has come to mean racism in Palestine. And the Christian Zionists are so ready to kiss their collective as_ that many Jewish Zionists have developed a stern sense of entitlement and self righteousness.