Comment: I dont see how anyone who

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I dont see how anyone who

I dont see how anyone who doesnt believe in reincarnation can disagree with the "eviction" argument.

(roughly speaking, this claims that even if one were to agree that there is a second life inside the womb, the woman, as soverign owner of her body, can evict this second life as an unwanted tresspasser)

The usual counterargument is that, by getting pregnant, the woman somehow consented or contracted with the baby to bring it to term. However, lacking a belief in reincarnation, before the baby is CREATED inside the womb, there was no second body there to contract with.

EG: it is distinctly different than the case where you see me, safe and sound on dry land, invite me onto your airplane, only to decide to evict me while in midair. The key difference is that, in this case, I EXISTED as a self-owning entity BEFORE i got on your plane. Lacking some strange mystic belief that even before the life is created in the womb, the soul itself is somewhere out there in the ether, and by inviting the soul into her womb into a newly created body, the woman is somehow obligated to a 9-month pregnancy.