Comment: maybe i'm just too far gone

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maybe i'm just too far gone

but it isn't as if a few bad apples entered your line of work and tainted your good name as officers. it happens for different reasons entirely. and with entire forces.

case in point:

you entire institution is inherently and irreversibly corrupt. it's because you have a monopoly on the use of force. you steal the money through taxes and then enjoy legal protection from market forces. you don't have to compete for quality and tax payers left footing the bill and dealing with you people every day.

and frankly, it's getting pretty god damned scary when we get a peak at the arsenal at your hands and see what you're capable of doing and getting away with. and this is during peaceful times. what happens tomorrow when things aren't quite so peaceful?

sorry, no sympathy here. kudos to the dude for doing something nice and appearing to be a nice guy but it does not change the relationship between those who give the orders, those who wear the badge and "citizens" who have to sit back and hope there's enough officers out there that care about liberty for when things start going to hell.