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Comment: Ayn Rand made one of the greatest contributions to mankind

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Ayn Rand made one of the greatest contributions to mankind

She correctly identified that reality is OBJECTIVE, and is not subjective based on anyone's consciousness.

This is why she called her philosophy Objectivism. Reality is objective, not subjective. The human mind must use facts, reason, and evidence to correctly identify what is true.

This great contribution to human understanding does not mean she was perfect or had everything correct.

There can be no doubt that Ayn Rand was a minarchist, that she believed that there should be a government and that it should ONLY consist of military, police, and courts.

She also believed in free-market capitalism.

Now, any comments she made must be viewed within context of this. Any attempt otherwise is either ignorant or dishonest.

The Libertarian Party was established in 1972, when Nixon took the US Dollar off the gold standard. The Libertarian Party, as it was orginally founded by Dick Nolan, was certainly very close in ideal to Rand's view of minarchism.

Her references to left-anarchism are correct, but she thought that government was absolutely necessary. Anarcho-Capitalists (which are not left-anarchists) disagree with her on that one.

There are two things we know with 40 years of hindsight.

First, the Libertarian Party has not accomplished a damn thing, so far.

Second, the Democrat and Republican parties have been far worse.

Any Rand made one of the greatest intellectual contributions in the history of the world. But she wasn't perfect. So what?