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...And there are still people

...And there are still people who are deftly afraid of their neighbor and feel the need to pre-empt their neighbor's "covetous nature".

I know, what threatens freedom, Mr. Fredomreigning. It is theocratic(religious and non-religious) edicts, which are not open to rational analysis, that cause an irrational fear of your neighbor that supposedly can only be solved by giving your other neighbor a gun and a badge. In short, violent AGGRESSION towards a boogyman that you've never seen, but heard about in church, is what threatens freedom.

Judas snitched out Jesus to the Roman authorities. An-Cap has nothing to do with Judas OR his friggin goats. Doublespeak much?

Those with an understanding of an-cap have no problem rebuting the "violence must be monopolized" idea. Assuming that aggression and defense are the same does NOT adequately address these rebuttals.

An-cap is rather simply actually: governments don't stop violence. They are totally USELESS for this purpose and actually make the world MORE violent. NOTHING eliminates violence, cause this ain't heaven. Free, voluntary trade reduces violence. It's the only thing that has ever done so.

If simply cooperating with your neighbor, instead of living in constant fear of them, reduces violence, then it's actually quite rediculous to monopolize violence..... or to be MORE afraid of your neighbor than a stranger with a badge and a gun.

Support of the State is purely psychological, and has nothing to do with logic(or "making the world better") in any way.

"I do not add 'within the limits of the law,' because law is often but the tyrant's will, and always so when it violates the right of an individual."