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The Currrent Law

does not declare life at conception and allows for legal abortion so none of the things you suggested are applicable.

I am suggesting that the court syncs itself up with science since the courts Roe v Wade split ruling stated that the court could not determine when life began and put that responsibility upon science. Science has determined that life begins at conception. It is but a shell game that has been played for the last 40 years which has resulted in the slaughter of 50 million human lives upon American Soil without trial or representation.

You are pitting the death of preborn children against fictitious situations. What were the issues in the 70’s prior to the Supreme Court’s “non” ruling? Were miscarriages investigated and herbs held off the market? How many preborn children slaughtered? Were the majority of “unwanted” pregnancies terminated? Were more children given the opportunity for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? Why do people travel to China and Russia and other countries to adopt children when American children are placed in buckets dead or to die?

Why have we become so calloused that we no longer love and cherish life? Why is the convenience of those already born more important than the life of the preborn? How many children have been aborted by partial birth abortion? You know, the kind were the baby is partially given natural birth and then killed before the child is completely outside of the mother...just to stay within the law...or to harvest biological material.

Why is the current debate whether 2 year olds are actually persons who should have the right to life?

Why not give the pendulum of 50 million…over 10 million…a year a chance to rest at center?