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Rethink Your Approach

Pardon me, but I think we generally promote IDEAS here moreso than the people from whose lips those ideas are voiced. This is exactly what Ron Paul means when he talks about building coalitions to promote and achieve shared ideas. If it were about anything else, he would never reach across the political and vast ideological aisle to work with people like Barney Frank in an effort to change our nation's drug laws or Dennis Kucinich to reign in our military involvement overseas.

If you find yourself grappling with the the messenger rather than the message for reasons other than dishonesty or hypocrisy, you're not only missing the point, you're undermining one of the most powerful tools in our arsenal that we can use to effect change. I'd work with Lindsey Graham, Joe Lieberman, or even Ben Bernanke himself on a discrete, shared idea.

I'd hope most here would be able to do the same. To do anything else is to work on behalf of individuals rather than ideas and ideals, which is exactly how our Congress has become the cesspool of demagoguery and dissembling that it has become.