Comment: How will the people who supported Romney and McCain see that?

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How will the people who supported Romney and McCain see that?

They will like the term "moderate" by compasrison to "blood sucking, lying, cheating, warmongering, leftist assholes" they know everyone thinks about them and why they live in a mantal of shame. They will be envious that there are people who have a candidate they believe in, rather than a candidate forced on them. They will look at Rand, and Palin, who has people coming into the GOP preparing to battle for 2016, and they will wonder who they will be handed next time.

Calling them "moderate" is far from throwing them under the bus (where they belong). I think Rand endorsed Romney so Ron's delegates who signed loyalty oaths would "wake up" and understand it's not the same GOP for them as Ron.. Ron got away endorsing whoever he wanted becuase the GOP did care about crazy uncle Ronnie. They care very much about Ron Paul RepubliCANS coming in and taking the GOP from them.

They have to admit, they lost 08 and 12, and since they have to use their advanced position in the GOP to lie, cheat and commit fraud to "win".. they are only fooling themselves if they think tptb are selecting winners for their nominations.. we have to look no further than the last RNC to see that.

Your last line is why I gave you one of the few downmarks I give. Congratulations.