Comment: Cart before the horse!

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Cart before the horse!

If the liberty movement, those who know, understand, and fight for all that is freedom and sound money, the rule of law, government limited to the meaning constitutional oaths, non-interventionism...

... if those principles and those patriots do not become the core of the new GOP, then you are whistling in the wind! Worse, you will simply be giving the enemy, well versed in the dangerous game of political chess as you have just seen, a rallying cry and a simple target on which to focus for the next four years.

Any liberty candidate must of necessity emerge from the ranks of the grassroots who will have become the bulk of the party needed to elect!

If such is truly the case by 2015, then you might even see the masses, cured of blindness, cursing the FED, weeping from war, stricken with poverty, rise up and elect an 80 year old patriot of all patriots, the champion of the constitution, after all!

Raising up a standard with a man's picture attracts arrows, but raising up a standard which announces truth attracts patriots and soldiers for freedom!

America is truly twisting in the throes of agony, yet blind to her disease! She needs to understand the cause for this danger.

May the Lord enable such, and keep us all in these tumultuous times!

PS: Ron Paul 2016... Get use to it!