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Comment: Then, I apologize.

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Then, I apologize.

There are reactionaries here who will down vote if communicating scientific data makes them feel bad or conflicts with their personal philosophy which astounds me for people who claim to be Ron Paul supporters.

So, there I went reacting to you and I apologize.

Yes, there is Israelite DNA also in at least one African tribe. The revolution in DNA testing came in 1999 when a geneticist from the University of AZ discovered Y-DNA (patrilineal) DNA typing. Patrilineal DNA does not mutate, or mutates at (generally) a rate of 4% over 1000 years, which makes it an astoundingly accurate way to trace DNA markers through generations and can be used to trace cultural migrations through geographies by typing markers from bones.

He won the nobel prize for the discovery in 2000.

What's most amazing about it too is it completely obliterates all traditional concepts of "race". Everything we ever thought about "race" ever is completely obliterated, whether we realize it or not, by this science.

"Race" is now measured by Y-DNA haplogroups. Look it up. It's absolutely fascinating. And it unlocks anthropoloical migrations going back up to 100,000 years even pre-ice age.

For those of us who are religious there is also a scary aspect of it as it can be used to conclusively find patrilineal male descendants of the Levites who are the only people who can consecrate the temple. Per Revelations, consecration of a rebuilt temple is a literal harbinger of the antichrist. Before this new science that was impossible.