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You have a contradiction

You said:

"The real world is filled with people, and people covet. They choose violence to take what they unjustly want."

Well, that being true, just where do you think those who covet through violence are going to flock? They are going to flock to the state.

Don't you think Barry (Obama) covets?

Don't you think John Boehner covets?

Don't you think the Wall Streeters who got bailed out by goverment covet?

Don't you think the General Motors union bosses covet?

Don't you think the people who voted for Barry (Obama) so they could get a "free" phone covet?

When there is an institution that has the legal power to steal from others -- and nobody will hold them accountable for stealing -- don't you think those who covet through violence will be attracted towards that institution?

Are you advocating for an institution that will attract the very people you are concerned about?