Comment: Honestly, I view this as a

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Honestly, I view this as a

Honestly, I view this as a beginning for Dr. Paul and not an ending. No longer will he have to speak before empty House chambers and not be able to get much done with the Republicrat dictatorship. Our future comes down to educating the next generation, who are realizing more and more they inherit the biggest mess in our history, and I see Dr. Paul becoming very engaged with traveling to campuses across the country.

I also look forward to his stewardship of C4L and turning it back to the right direction. I hope most of its functions will be turned toward the youth, as well.

Most older folks aren't going to abandon the system until they are forced to. It's been engrained in them for decades by the schools and the media propaganda. Our leaders will come from the youth, and that's where I see Dr. Paul going to help.

Someday we'll look back to Dr. Paul as the grandfather of the American Restoration.