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I don't see it that way. At

I don't see it that way.

At least in this country, property is protected by the government. The system of property rights, where everyone agrees to protect property, and everyone agrees to abide by laws that punish theft of property, is not free. That is why we tax property owners to pay for the upkeep of a system that they benefit from.

With mob rule, property rights become irrelevant.

Permits can be troublesome, but they are often an extension of the idea that property rights end at the nose of others. Just because something is your property doesn't mean that everything that happens on it is OK. If you are beating and abusing your children in your home, and the government breaks down your door to arrest you, they are violating your property rights. But I am OK with that, since they are violating your property rights to protect the rights of the children.

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