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Comment: I have not read Schiff's "How

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I have not read Schiff's "How

I have not read Schiff's "How an Economy Grows and Why It Crashes" but my brother has, and he says it is an excellent book for beginners. Although I love Peter Schiff and Tom Woods as modern Austrians, I think there is value in reading some Mises early on in your studies.

An easy book to read (under 100 pages) is Mises' "Economic Policy: Thoughts for Today and Tomorrow." It's spanish title translates to "six lessons" and is a much more proper title for the book. It was a series of six lectures Mises delivered in Buenos Aires to Argentine students (who suffered through hyper-inflation). The lectures were delivered to an uninformed group when it came to economic theory, and gives six valuable lessons from the master himself.

Bastiat's "The Law" is a great essay to read, but it deals more with political philosophy than economic theory. It is still a must-read essay for any Liberty Lover.

Besides Mises "Economic Policy" I recommend Murray Rothbard's "What Has Government Done to Our Money / The Case For a 100% Gold Dollar." Which I assume can be found online. It is a great book to read if one is looking to have a better understanding of the nature and virtues of sound money.