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all the libs on this site hate the NDAA but not ONE will come on a rand thread and thank him for the hard work hes done.

notice Granger, LL and compromise, mmj ministry- and u know the rest...
the GJ creeps~
never a peep from them when it comes to rand, rand could arrest obama and they would still say "he endorsed romney and rnad stinks!"!!!... these types will only vote for other liberal democrats, never for a liberty republican.
see what im getting at??
Ive been noticing everytime rand stands up to these jerks in the senate, not one of the libs here at the DP say anything posiive about rand... but when he endorsed romney- they still havent let it go and it was months ago and romney LOST!lol they still talk about the endorsement- even though romney lost!! i couldnt make this stuff up!!lol
I find it amusing as well as pathetic after all Ron did to teach them, The free education they all received from Ron, and they STILL haven't learned what they need to do.
and now they want to call it the "liberty movement" with out protection of life!!lolol
we wont let that happen, will we granger? they will not be allowed to remake pauls message into a prochoice message, will they!
they will never see this post because they hate rand and will never be here to read any thread that is about rand!!!lol
so feel free to speak your mind!!

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016