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Can you summarize the plumbline theory?

I googled it and I can make some inferences based on someone's response to Tucker's theory, but haven't found Tucker's original writing.

People assert Tucker was generally in favor of the labor theory of value instead of pure capitalism. I have to read Tucker's writings to confirm. However his solutions ('egoism'/contracts) at first glance are more capitalistic and in stark contrast with anarcho-syndicalists/communists/socialists theories.

It seems to me people who focus on labor theory of value don't realize the value of intellectual capital in capitalism /free market process. Just because I grow oranges doesn't mean there is some objective value in them that I deserve to get. There's subjective value in them (Mises). Hence if I sell oranges for $3 a pound to a merchant who turns around and sells it for $5 a pound to someone else that is not 'theft' as some anarcho-leftists may claim. The merchant is just identifying people who would buy oranges for $5 a pound instead of $2 a pound. Furthermore there's sales/marketing, logistics/distribution, research & development, operations/product development etc that all add value to products. Ultimately if you agree voluntarily to sell oranges at $3 a pound instead of trying yourself or hiring a sales team to get a higher price price that's too bad. Next time just try to find a higher price for your oranges or just keep them. It was a voluntary exchange. The free market is really simple.

Anyways I'm not attracted to George because he presupposes the existence of the state and promotes land 'taxes'. I'm partial to the simple homestead principle. I have to read more of Smith & Ricardo, but despite their association with free-market economics I assume they too presuppose the existence of the state.

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