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Comment: You can be offended as much as you want

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You can be offended as much as you want

Being from a Jewish family has anything to do with rational discussion or the topic? Government and corporations are nobody - there are only people (individuals) who act via government or corporate offices.

Now, if Palestinian people do not recognize State of Israel's right to exist, then what should your cousin (if he still lived in Israel) to do? If he supports any Israeli government that want Jews to be independent, he is a Zionist by definition.

All other bubbling and collective thumbs is pathetic. People like you lose all sense of proportion. Compared to other countries, State of Israel behaves pretty prety good. If USA can torture and kill millions of muslims, let straighten up USA first before going ape elsewhere. If Syrians killed tens of thousands this fall, lets talk more about Syria. I see thru your vague excuses.