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The heart begins beating at

The heart begins beating at 22 days.

A newborn cannot exist without care. It has a heart. Is it human? That is the new debate. When does human life qualify as a person? What we need to understand is that it is necessary to protect human life at all time intervals because the new debate is post birth abortion of newborns, two year olds and any child unable to sustain itself. That is the new debate. The debate in the 70’s was…”When does life begin?” The debate in the 2000’s is when does someone actually have personhood.

I am attaching several links with varying degrees of thought concerning who is deserving of life:
And here:
and here:
and here:
and here:

It is a disgusting proposition even more so now that those who have deemed themselves as persons are now wanting to determine who can join their “personhood club.” Origin of life has been moved from an objective argument to one which is subjective. Subject to a myriad of litmus tests: .

That is WHY Ron Paul said: "Unless we understand…we must protect life, we cannot protect liberty."

IMO What Ron Paul is saying is that any life not worth protecting will soon be yours. The abortion issue is an issue because it is meant to be an issue because it is another slippery slope whereby life and individualism is snuffed out, thus the snuffing of Liberty.