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Consider explaining the "Labor Theory of Value", as would be attributable to Benjamin Tucker, in particular.

As far as my study goes the person Benjamin Tucker, the one who published a magazine called Liberty, was a person whose principles were based upon the work of Josiah Warren, and if so, then this "Labor Theory of Value" concept may be, as it turns out, no principle at all, unless there is accurate communication concerning the "theory".

I may not be communicating well at this point, so it may be better to link the source of Benjamin Tuckers "theories", if my understanding of that is accurate.

And then I can quote from it.

Now, among this multitude of values, which one should be selected to set a price upon? Or, should the price be made to vary and fluctuate according to these fluctuating values! and never be completely sold,* but only from hour to hour?

*Ridiculous as this appears, it is actually carried out in limited leases on land, which is never completely sold, but subject to have a new price set upon it at the expiration of each lease, according to its fluctuating values!

If I may be more precise in communicating my question, please, the connection between an ambiguous, or nonsensical, or even worse a devious "Labor Theory of Value" (whatever that means exactly), connecting that "theory" with Benjamin Tucker may be undeserved, inaccurate, and misleading.

The connection between Tucker and Warren has been made, it seems, and that may help, if the idea is to know what Tucker considered to be equitable in the commerce of land, as in "Free Market" land markets, where "free" does not mean "free from moral conscience".

The cost of something is accurately measurable as the limit of price in a free market since those who offer land, or anything, for sale, in competition with other sellers, will be presented with a free market choice, made by the buyers, to buy the higher quality and lower cost land being offered for sale in that free market, and as anyone knows, the buyers will choose the lower cost and the higher quality land over the higher cost and the lower quality land, and that force, that free market force, does, in a free market so defined, force price down to cost.

If somehow, by some odd device, The Labor Theory of Value, whatever that may be, somehow it is connected to Tucker, by any way, including by way of Warren, then that method, that device, of making that connection, it seems to me, aught to be known, and known accurately. Otherwise there is a measurable case of misdirection occurring for some reason.

Making information scarce, especially vital information, high quality information, directing people away from it, is done for a reason, by those who do that, and I think their reasoning is such, a common practice, to jack up the price of that which is in higher demand, due to the effort to make that which is in demand scarce.

Land, for example, all of it, can be gathered up and owned by a few people, and then the price of existing on any land, anywhere, is a price set by the few who manage to own everything.

The same "system" applies to the demand for such things as currency, whereby there is made, by executive fiat, or simply fraud, ONE and only ONE legal money, making legal money scarce, and thereby making the sole provider of that ONE legal money powerful enough to set any price including this ridiculous price:

Please consider defining this "Labor Theory of Value" if possible. I'm curious.