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Maybe and maybe not

Noone is to far gone unless your hatered has overshadowed your judgement. Your comment is the epidemy of my reasoning for the post. I guess I did not express myself well enough. What I find so disheartening is how people on this forum, who can show such amazing tolerance and open mindedness and embrace individuality are willing to so negatively label and entire group of people based on their employment. After reading your comment and many of the others...if you truely believe that all law enforcement is corrupt, have a license to kill or would even want to, are targeting you, plotting against you or have a desire to harm you... well my heart hurts for you. I would highly suggest you contact your local law enforcement about a citizen's ride along, so you actually know what a law enforcement officer faces during their "8 to 5", who they are and so you'll understand they are people with families, homes, communities, fears, hopes....everything you have.