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Most "Countries" have laws...

...Specifically..."private property" laws, yet many differences exist. One who would be supportive of a borderless world, centered in private property protection for all, would be quite supportive of the free capacity of any human to buy land in any country. Others, with contrary views on private property rights, might seek to limit such abilities for "outsiders" or even "insiders".

Most countries, in fact, present limitations to property ownership for "non-citizens" with differing definitions of citizenship as well as differing limitations based on borders. Generally and broadly, citizenship is bestowed by birthplace or parental citizenship and typically it places its members under the legal guidelines and controlling thumb of their "Country".

This would seemingly be true of all Muslims living within the "borders" of Israel, just as it pertains to Jews living within the borders of...say...Iran...which has the largest Jewish population in the mid-east outside of Israel and where, to my knowledge, they own (and happily so) property.

Protective barriers to outsiders, set up by sovereign nations, be they economic, religious or cultural, are nothing new and depending on one's "world view" can be both "acceptable and correct" or "vicious and unnecessarily wrong" in the extremes of the viewing.

As to "internal barriers" typically, and as was the case in South Africa, it is considered (by most but certainly not all) to be morally and intrinsically wrong for a government that claims dominion over a people to act in systemically obtrusive manners towards a population they consider to be "their own", one that they control economically and legally. And it is the obtrusive treatment, and the placement of these barriers to entry that many have come to see as apartheid-like. When these barriers are defended or enforced with military might, it becomes much more egregious in the minds of most and it typically becomes a clear delineation between "right and wrong".

South Africa has been joined on the list of practitioners of these "ways and means" by Israel...and there are other members on the club roster. Because one discusses their ire at one does nothing to negate the existence of another...nor does it imply extra-predjudicial focus or bigotry.

Bigotry usually raises it's ugly head from the bog in a very recognizable and stupidly rationalized way...know what I mean?

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?