Comment: The reason I don't bother

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The reason I don't bother

is because too many people here believe, deep down, with all of their hearts, that there will be an extended period of time (on the order of years) where we will have no electricity, no manufacturing, no internet, no nothing. Just chaos.

While I cannot, myself, rule out this possibility, I do not find their SHTF scenarios very likely. I think electricity and internet are so crucial to our day-to-day existence that they will be the first things restored in the event of an economic collapse or gov't crack-down/melt-down.

So despite the fact that Bitcoin **perfectly** harmonizes with with the message of liberty and self-government - and SHOULD be a slam dunk to this audience - it just does not compute.

That's why I stopped trying. People can only learn that which they are open to learning.

Cheaper Bitcoins for the rest of us, then.

See you on the other side, brother.