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Tell you what I don't miss

I worked with Ralph Nader in opening debates and ballots to Indy's and third parties. Nader has never belonged to a political party. I registered Decline to Statre Party in 1993. I worked in two states and with many third parties, and I am convinced what we did was exercize the system so they could black every possible route for an Indy or Third Party to bust through. Ron Paul's campaign was a cake walk by comparison.

I'm new to the GOP. I never belonged to a major party before, and have found the GOP to be nothing as I imagined it would be.

I absolutely know reform can happen in the GOP.

With that, I wish you the best of luck.. I certainly won't hender your progress.. as a Republican, I believe we should have more open debates and ballots for Indy's and third parties. You are going to see the GOP change. and that is going to be the reflection of those like me who are reforming the GOP by joining, participating with the goal of establishing Ron Paul's message.