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Social Security renamed

Social Security renamed Federal Benefit Payment Entitlement

Interesting sequence going on:

So, there's a thing called government in someone's life years ago that took -- didn't ask but took, stole -- some of his property known as income from his paycheck (not a payment, but the validator/monitor of payment, again the paycheck, something plugged into the government) and right when he and other people such as him who abide the government's rule that when the person turns a certain age that the government returns his property, the government in the form of the agency that stole from those people changes the name of the program through which it stole.

Name changes can be harmless. Sometimes their changes are for accuracy, where the process the name/term/short version defines corresponds to the name/term/short version. This change isn't good or bad. What determines the nature of the change -- good or bad -- is what is with this change.

I think accuracy is the case here, but -- BUT -- when the subject is government, the centrality whose operation always has been coercion, I think this name change isn't for clarity only and likely is going to produce what coercion produces, harm.

Since SS's inception, even though it stole property from the individual, always it was understood that property would be returned, a cyclical relationship. But this name change. Hmmm. Federal Benefit Payment Entitlement.

So, "entitlement" conveys returning -- paid in, paid back. OK. Good. But somehow, some way, I wonder if this name change consists of means testing, testing the individual must do retrieve what was stolen from him. If so, this change removes the individual from serf from the government's perspective, where the government moved him into its sphere and below it "one notch," to a new location, where the individual is at least "two notches" below the government, now a groveler, a beggar, a pleader, a guilty-until-proven-innocent, a person whose interaction to it isn't achievement of time but is passing of demands, a slave. And all the while, the achievement, now demands passing, is to retrieve what was and is his. Stunning.

That process, my friends, is extortion.

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