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Comment: Bear -- Okay

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Bear -- Okay

How would Law Enforcement "know" (ever), in a free-society, if a crime was committed?

If you say "because people would 'report' it" then you must give said law enforcement the power (authority) to kidnap, force-to-appear, steal assets, and the right to murder.

If law enforcement does not have the "rights" (authority) to kidnap, force-to-appear, steal assets, or the right to murder than how do you "try" a person in court?

SECONDLY -- If you allow the above you MUST have a Centralized Gov't database -- from whose proof an individual assets - property - personal residence are all KNOWN. Meaning there cannot be anonymity.

As I said -- To have a Revenge or Justice Society you must force everyone to participate -- there can be no-secrets, no-privacy, and 100% or ever-growing levels of intrusion.