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Scientific Fact please..

Although scientific understanding tended to support Ayn's philosophy at the time in which it was written, quantifiable laboratory data has given cause for concern in accepting an "objective reality" and there is no longer any way a logical mind can claim objective reality as a conclusive fact.

In light of scientific discovery, Objectivism now takes faith, like any other axiomatic thought system. In the Objectivist religion, "God" is simply replaced with a belief (or a subjective assumption) in "objective reality."

From a purely logical standpoint, we have two competing models of reality, one which suggests an objective reality and one that denies it: Relativity and Quantum Mechanics respectively. Both models produce accurate predictions in "reality", and no "theory of everything" has yet to be postulated that resolves the apparent contradiction of the models mathematically. In short, there is no conclusive evidence to support either an "objective" reality (where perception is a subset of reality), or "fluid" reality (where reality is a subset of perception).

Logic and reason dictate that human understanding and technical acumen has not yet progressed to the point of being able to answer the question of whether or not reality is objective! Stating reality is objective is not logical when observable phenomenon within the so called "objective" reality provides contradictory data.

I AM is all that is. Everything else is malleable.