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First of all, you do not give anyting to Israel, like you do not give anything to Pakistan or Iraq. So "we" is fantasy. You and me will never pay out the debt, it is unpayable.

Secondly, I wont even go into the numbers. BUT I am all for stopping aid to ALL - Israel, Mulsims, Asians, Latin Americans and the biggest donors, EU Banks. I also would like Japan and NATO countries pay full price for their defense. Then, if a serious person with real ability to calculate, adds up the numbers - Israel will be far ahead compared to what will happen to Spain, UK, France, Greece, Egypt, Jordan, etc.

In case if you personally do not like Israel, here is a bomber - under free society, with no taxes, private Jews will donate far more to Israel than Arabs & Europeans will domate to Israel's enemies. So I suggest real anti-Semites think twice before advocating RP ideas.

RE: everyone will be better is a Utopia. It will be "on average" via hard work and "for all" indirectly via more technological progress compared to collective forms.