Comment: It is not currently against the law

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It is not currently against the law

It is not currently against the law. It is legal. I don't know what else to call it when a child is killed whether born or preborn.

If preborn human life is declared life then people, not me within each state, will decide how to treat or not to treat the murder of preborn children like they did prior to Roe v Wade. Here is a whole history of that stuff:

All I am saying is that 50 MILLION preborn Humans have been slaughtered on American Soil without trial or representation because the supreme court could not say when life began and referred that fact to be determined by science resulting in the deaths of more than 10 MILLION preborn children each year for the last 40 years. Estimates prior to the 70's were 1 MILLION or less per year.

What is the reason with readily available contraceptives to go from 1 MILLION a year prior to Roe v Wade to 10 MILLION a year after Roe v Wade? Why can't the pendulum swing back to center?

And by the way, Roe v Wade took away the State's Right to criminalize or not criminalize abortion as the state saw fit.

I did more reading and it looks like the Rockerfeller Institute (friend or foe to Liberty?) had some imput for legalization. I wonder if there were any money ties. Not saying, just wondering.