Comment: Thin milk in the pulpit!

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Thin milk in the pulpit!

I admire his fortitude and his urgency, but he has missed THE major point:

He should shout from the top of his voice that this law they propose is ULTRA VIRAS... it is without the power to be a law. It is in fact NO LAW! It is the duty, said the court many years ago, of the citizen to disregard such attempts at law! As a Senator of that chamber he therefore calls on the people to disregard the law as no law, and remember such in all cases which come before the people.


These rights were not given by men! They are of God Almighty!

As such NO MAN can lawfully take them. Man can only broach them outside of law, unlawfully, criminally!

Each and every one of these Senators who vote for such vileness are themselves in violation of their oath! As oath breakers they are outside the protection of the law, and under the hand of justice! So doing they become criminals who seek to enslave the people. Their acts are in defiance of the God of Nature and Nature's God.

Justice demands a hearing over their actions. They are without defense!

History will forget all the subtle arguments he might otherwise raise: such as the sad outcomes of lost freedom, the long tradition of men recognizing these rights, or the unfortunate king whose loss in battle signaled their recognition.

Instead, Senator Paul, by shouting the real truth of this crime, will be remembered by history for exposing these criminals, at a time when history also records the death throes of a once free nation.