Comment: You are angry

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You are angry

because you are caught being incompetent.

Your youtube "theoretical" stuff cannot impress me like "virtue of the depreciation of wealth." Wealth is not paper money, but products and services produced. Nothing much is produced in USA nowadays. Government expense and Wall Street manipulations are included in our GDP, otherwise, it would be shrinking even without inflation.

You misunderstood the game - WE benefit from the whole system (paper buys like gold.) Part of that system is to make sure Pentagon dominates the world. Foreign aid is part of the micro-management.

Everybody knows the system wont last - even socialists and neo-con. They just enjoy the time. With strong Pentagon, they will game the system again. You and me BOTH live beyong our productivity compared to world market. Say thank you.

Israel has 13 political parties. Executive branch is always multi-party coalition. Congress can stop the executive branch at any time with 51% vote and start new election. Pretty pretty good. Everything in comparison.