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A lot of down votes for a truth that hits too hard

Maybe just a troll out trolling - but does have a point. Here is CT they took homes - not for a great public works project - no - they took them for a commercial development - it was good waterfront property after all. They didn't leave the one loan house and build the development around it - no - they took it by force.

And nobody did shit.

Nobody self mutiliated
Nobody was beaten - because they didn't bother to fight
No innocent civilains hurt - becuase they all rolled over - I mean after all we are the pillar of freedom in this world aren't we?

How in friggin China can they leave the house and build a highway around since property rights are so valued - yet HERE HERE in the USA can they just take the damn thing and throw you out!!!

Valid question - what the hell is the use of protecting a right you are never going to use anyways.

Might as well just give them up - they are offering 25 dollars for rifles and 75 dollars for handguns in most communities this month.