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There's no contradiction. There's honesty.

"Well, that being true, just where do you think those who covet through violence are going to flock?"

They'll flock to Satan Claus.

They want slaves, plunder, and dominion, and in a free market of violence, all you're going to get is a world filled with little Satan's offering to answer unjust prayers.

Both my Libertarian Government and an Anarchists chaos fail for the same reason; our covetous nature, but Libertarians talk about it, and Anarchists pretend it doesn't exist.

What the world needs is justice, and since liberty is not what people want, justice is not what government force serves. When force serves a covetous mans nature, what you get is injustice and oppression.

Se we either have to address the real problem and overcome it from the bottom up, or impose justice on people who oppose liberty.

Is it unjust to impose liberty on people with force and will it work if we try? I think everything we do is pointless and WILL fail unless we address the real issue, and Anarchists are worthless to liberty because they ignore the real issues. An Anarchist doesn't know what threatens liberty (mans covetous nature) or how to defend it (Justice).